Strategy, actionplan and implementation of renewable energy for Swiss Utilities

Technical and financial assessment for the installation of solar power plants on roofs in behalf of real estate companies, industrial groups and public bodies (such as hospitals and waste disposals)

Consultant of Municipalities (either in Switzerland and Italy)  for solar roofs action plan (detecting the roof, defining the technical project and business plan, organising the auctions for the EPC contractors and validating the construction)

Technical and financial consultant for the solar roofs action plan in behalf of an Italian Foundation

Development of solar power plants in behalf of a Zürich "Family office" (guaranteed turnover of more than 10 m. CHF)

Technical and financial assessment of roofs for the installation of solar power plants on family's homes.


Notes for upgrading the Energy master Plan, in behalf of an East African Country

Technical and financial advisor for a world wide leader for the supply of integrated engineering solutions in hydrogen field, providing integrated energy concepts  (networking storage, energy production, supply for mobility and industry) in Europe and India.