DPT Renew Sagl (DPT) is  operating in the power business as strategic  and  business  advisor  for  public  bodies,  utilities  and  private companies and it's also operating as consultant for improving and optimising the power supply of industrial groups.

DPT is also offering to its customers EPC services for erecting and managing photovoltaic power plants.

DPT core market is based basically in Europe, where it's running many projects especially in Switzerland and Italy and in Africa, where we have been advising some public bodies and companies for introducing "renewable action plans".

DPT is also active, through a subsidiary, in the indian hydrogen production market for industrial and power applications.

DPT team have a quite impressive track record, either in "traditional" power plant (hydro, coal and gas) and in renewable (solar, wind and biomass) and managed also the construction and upgrading of electrical grid (among them a 380 kV cable connecting Switzerland to Italy).

DPT is coordinating a network of professionals providing solutions for combined use of different renewable technologies, energy efficiency and power's supply and trading.



  • 45 MW biomass power plant fuelled by Palm Oil 
  • 100 MW wind power plant in Germany and Greece 
  • 9 MW solar power plant either in Switzerland and Italy 
  • DPT is coordinating an international network of small and medium size companies, which can provide all the technical and commercial skills for fulfilling their goals and solve the requests of our customers.